Interest Rates

Click here for Rates as of January 2016

*Receive 1/4% discount on all secured loans and signature loans for each criteria met:

•Payroll deduction or automatic payment
•If financing for three years or less on secured loans (does not apply to signature loans and must finance more than $5000).

*Receive 1/4% discount for each of the following services used with Healthcare Plus with a maximum discount of 1/2%:

  • 1. Having an active share draft account
  • 2. Having a credit card
  • 3. Having an IRA account
  • 4. Having a $1000 balance in shares and/or share certificates
  • 5. Receiving e-statements

 **Lowest rate assumes maximum discounts applied.

Discounts do not apply to real estate loans, student loans or any share or share certificate secured loans.  Simple interest is charged on the outstanding balance of the loan.  There are no prepayment penalties.  Credit Disability, Credit Life and Joint Credit Life insurance may be available.  All consumer loans are charged a $10 loan application fee.  All secured title loans will be charged $10 per vehicle to note the lien and all secured non-titled loans will be charged a UCC fee of $25 per filing.  A fee of $20 per loan will be charged to defer a loan payment.  A $50 fee will be charged to refinance to lower an interest rate on a current loan.

All rates are base on APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

A security interest is required on all secured loans.  Insurance is required on all secured loans over $3000 except for share or share certificate secured loans.  Healthcare Plus FCU is to be listed as the lien holder on the title or UCC-1 lien instrument as well as on the insurance policy.

NCUA insured to at least $250,000